Wilmington Quiet Bunny's Many Colors Yellow Bunnies, F5713
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Wilmington Quiet Bunny's Many Colors Yellow Bunnies

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Fabric, 100% cotton, 44" wide. Lisa McCue has illustrated more than 175 books, including the beloved Corduroy series. You'll find her work on greeting cards, gift tins, wrapping papers, clothing and fabric. Her bestselling Quiet Bunny book focused on the importance of dancing to your own kind of music. Her colorful follow-up -- Quiet Bunny's Many Colors -- features the bright colors of spring: the yellow ducks, green frogs, and blue jays. It takes the help of a wise old owl for Bunny to realize that it's the rainbow of colors, including his own own mousy-brown and wintry-white fur, that makes the world so beautiful. This fabric features bunies covering themselves with dandelions in a scenic layout.

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